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As a wedding vendor for over a decade, there is one question, I get over and over.

Is a tip included? If not how much should I tip? Should I tip at all?
Some tip big, some tip little and some don’t tip at all.

My answer is YES. 

You should give your vendor(s) a gratuity however, the HOW MUCH, is completely up to you. I believe a gratuity, should be based on your experience and the service delivered throughout your day.

Gratuity has no cardinal rule. I have heard couples tell me they were advised to give a percentage of the total amount spent. That is ridiculousness, since you can spend from $1000 to $10,000+ on your wedding photography. You already paid for the service. The tip is based on your experience and the work you received from your staff.

As an owner of a photography and video production studio, I would love to assure my staff of something extra for their efforts and hard work however, my belief is that a tip is something earned over the course of the day and not assumed.

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I believe in tipping generously, but only when it is warranted. You did pay for the service already, and the vendors usually get compensated fairly well for the work.

Now the next questions is, how much?
Well that will vary from region to region, state to state and even city to city. It will also vary from vendor to vendor.

You must also keep in mind the post production work, such as graphic design and video editing to name a few.


The range for a photographer in the north east will be anywhere from $50.00 to a few hundred dollars.

Your vendor should should be the reason why you selected them, and your experience on your wedding day should reflect that.

As yourself the following 3 questions when considering a gratuity.

  1. Was my wedding experience better by having this vendor?

  2. Did this vendor do what I hired them to do?

  3. Could you clearly see the work the vendor put in on your wedding day?


Please e-mail me you option and thoughts on tipping and I will do a follow up Post. info@abacuswedding.com 

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