Now that the initial excitement of your recent engagement has calmed a little bit, you will begin to make your wedding plans.

One of the most important decisions you will make is how your wedding is captured. The selection of your wedding photographer and wedding videographer, will determine how your wedding day is preserved and how it will live on.


These are the most and sometime less frequently asked questions for wedding photographers. (The answers apply only to Abacus Studios.)

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Abacus Studios opened its doors in 2004.
  3. Are you insured?
  4. Abacus Studios is insured by The Hartford. You will need to make sure your photographer is insured and can supply the proper proof of insurance to your wedding venue.
  5. How many hours of photography do you provide for a wedding?
  6. Abacus Studios provides 10 hours of photography coverage with all of our standard photography packages. We have also customized packages to include the time needed by the couple. Traditional Indian Weddings, can last 12-14 hours and last for two to three days.
  7. How many photographers are included in your packages?
  8. Abacus Studios offers one photographer with all our packages, and the option to add a second photographer for a half a day or a full day, as needed. Abacus Studios will not send out an assistant. Abacus Studios will send out one of our seasoned professional, as a second photographer. Assistants tend to take similar images as your primary photographer. A seasoned, second photographer, will get those unique angels and a greater variety of spontaneous, candid photographs. For most weddings of 150 guests or less, one photographer should be more than enough to capture great portraits and candid shots. Abacus does recommend a second photographer for larger weddings. Partial day coverage is an excellent way to make sure you capture the groom preparation and bridal preparation.
  9. How many photographs will the photographer take on the wedding day?
  10. Abacus Studios does not limit our photographers on your wedding day. You can expect an average of 800-100 images and close to double that if you have two photographers.
  11. Do you color correct or edit your images?
  12. Yes. Abacus Studios will color correct, enhance and any image you select for your album or requested by you. With that being said. It is our belief that we employee and you are hiring professional photographers, who should have proficiency in understanding how to capture a great image, which should not require additional editing. If every image a photographer returned to the studio need color correction or editing, that would mean the photographer is not very good and it would not be efficient for the studio. Color correction and editing images is used to either created a desired effect in an image or to mask a poorly taken photo.
  13. Can we select a photographer?
  14. Yes. You can request a photographer. Photographers are reserved n a first come first serve basis however, all Abacus Studios Photographers, are seasoned professionals, who you can read reviews about going back several years.
  15. Do I have the copyrights to my photographs?
  16. Yes. You will receive all of your High Resolution Images with Full Reprinting Copyrights on DVD or USB.
  17. How long after my wedding will have my photographs?
  18. You will receive your photographs the week after your wedding. You will also receive an e-mail with your online gallery information and a direct link to share with family and friends and social media.
  19. Do you archive your photographs?
  20. Yes. Ever photograph, album or video created by Abacus Studios is stored on our servers and backed up to additional servers. If you ever lose your images, simply call us and we will mail out another copy.
  21. Do you offer web hosting of my images?
  22. Yes. the week after your wedding you will receive an e-mail with your online gallery link and password. You can also access your online gallery through the Proof tab on our website. Your online gallery will allow you to select images for your album, purchase prints, and share images on social media.
  23. Do you charge a travel fee?
  24. No. Abacus Studios does not charge a travel fee unless, traveling to NYC, Philadelphia or an extensive distance from central New Jersey.
  25. What if my wedding is canceled?
  26. If you wedding is canceled you will not lose your deposit or any payment made toward your wedding. Your payments will be applied to a future date, for when the wedding is re-scheduled.
  27. What if my photographer get sick or is unable to make my wedding?
  28. Abacus Studios will only capture two weeding per any given day, allowing us to have staff available in the event of an emergency. That is why Abacus Studios has never missed or been late to wedding.
  29. Do you offer engagement shoots?
  30. Yes. Abacus Studios offers, “Off Sight” engagement shoots at the locations of your choice. There are no additional travel fees unless traveling to NYC or outer boroughs, or Philadelphia or an extensive distance from central New Jersey .

If you have a suggestions for great FAQ, please e-mail us at info@abacusstudiso.net.


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