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We take great pride in each album we create, since it will preserve your wedding day memory for generations.
Each album is custom designed, with our team of graphic designers.
You will select your images right through our online gallery which is then submitted to our design team.
You will receive a digital proof of your complete album design, and have unlimited opportunities to make changes, to your album layout, until it looks exactly the way you want.
Abacus Studios Albums are made with thick sturdy pages, which are chemical treated to withstand the test of time.
Gilded will provide extra protection for your album while adding another touch of aesthetics to make it look amazing.
Your choice of leather cover with a custom inscription is included with every album.
Upgrade your album to include a cameo or full Acrylic/Glass cover photograph, for en even more unique look.
What this means for you, is a guarantee that your album will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece of art work, which beautifully preserves your memories.
E-mails us for pricing and availability at


Album sample Featuring Clark's Landing


Quinceañera, Custom 12x12 Sample Album

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10x10 Sample Album, Featuring, Woodlake Country Club

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10x10 Sample Album, Featuring, Maplewood Country Club

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 10x10 Sample Album, Featuring, Perona Farms Barn House

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8x10, Sample Album, Featuring Oakside Manor

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10x10, Sample Album, Featuring, Bridgewater Manor

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8x10 Sample Album, Featuring, Galloping Hill Inn

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Custom Design, 8x10 Sample Flush-mount Album

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12x12 Sample Album, featuring, Battleground Country Club

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10x10 Sample Album, Featuring, Highlawn Pavilion

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8x10 Sample Album, Featuring The Westwood

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Sample Album, featuring, Pines Manor

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8x10 Sample Album, Featuring, The Imperia

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12x12 Sample Album, Featuring, The Westwood

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Sample Matted Album, Featuring, The Lakeside Manor (Now Know As The Gramercy, At Lakeside Manor)

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8x10 Sample Album, Featuring, Dolce Hotel and Conference Center

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10x10 Sample Album, Featuring, The Shadowbrook

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 10x10 Sample Album, Featuring, The Courtyard on Main Street

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10x10 Sample Album, Featuring Brooklake Country Club

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8x10 Sample Parent Album

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Sample Sweet 16, Galloping Hill Inn

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 Sample Coptic Wedding Album

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8x10 Sample Matted Album, Featuring, Beaver Brook Country Club

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