OK, you have talked to your friends, read the articles and have made the decision to have one of your most important days captured on video.  Great Choice! You will now have a living memory of one of your most important life events.

Current trends use words like, “cinematic”,dramatic” or “documentary” to describe the style of video a particular company offers.

The reality is that, all wedding videos are documentaries, which by definition is a “motion picture consisting of factual sequences.” What that means is nothing in a wedding is staged or rehearsed (in the formal scenes), creating moments spontaneously, which are captured and edited.

Cinematic video is yet another way to describe a style or format however, the true meaning of cinematic is “motion photography or motion picture”, and therefore by description all videos are both cinematic documentaries.

Abacus Studios can customized each video with your personal touch.

Incorporating cinematic edits, beautiful video filters, music montages, drone shots and multi-camera angles, to capture your event any way you want.

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The following is an article courtesy of WEVA

(Wedding and Event Videography Association),

Professional wedding Videography is rapidly becoming a preferred medium for recording and preserving wedding memories, according to a new nationwide survey of brides.

The survey, commissioned by WEVA International, and conducted by Breakthrough Marketing, Inc.

The survey, revealed that brides in the planning process of the wedding do not immediately realize the impact of a professionally-produced video.

Before the wedding, while brides are making plans, over half (54%) rank video as one of the Top 10 most important bridal services. However, that number increases to 79% AFTER the wedding, as brides look back and assess the individual value of each service.

The value of video becomes greater after the wedding. The survey revealed the value of video is greater with brides who use professional video services compared to those who don’t.

Before the wedding, 41% of brides using a professional videographer consider videography a Top 5 service. After the wedding, 94% of these brides say they consider professional videography at least a Top 10 service.

One of the most surprising findings of the survey is the second thoughts, even regrets, among brides who decided not to utilize the services of professional videographers.

Among brides who used a friend or family member to videotape their wedding, instead of using a professional, nearly half (49%) said they would hire a professional if they had it all to do over again.

These second thoughts are even more pronounced with brides who didn’t have their weddings videotaped at all. In hindsight, 60% say they wished they had had their weddings videotaped.

As brides look back at their wedding, the survey showed that 79% of brides agree that future brides should at least consider using a professional.

Those feelings are even more pronounced among the brides who utilized the services of professional videographers, 95% of whom think future brides should consider using a professional videographer.

The survey results reveal professional videography has become very important to today’s brides. Its value is comparable to wedding photography, and even more valuable in some respects, according to brides surveyed.

Most importantly, the survey showed that brides feel more emphasis needs to be placed on videography in the wedding planning process.


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